Below are news items relevant to Maninblack, from its inception right up until this very moment, including commentaries by Maninblack mouthpiece André Schlesinger and other members of the band, manager Garry Bushell and Maninblack's promoter / publicist / news editor Sarri "Sally" Hand.

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April 30, 2015: In lieu of performing live for Walpurgisnacht this year Maninblack has released the new single TWO THOUSAND FIFTEEN for free download and distribution. Get the high quality MP3 file and corresponding artwork here: 2015


February 13, 2015: Maninblack will be performing live and free at Otto's Shrunken Head on Friday February 27, 2015 along with Nathan Gray and Darren Deicide . The event starts at 8 PM with Maninblack going on around at around 10. See the event flyers here, here and here. The band is also using the opportunity to introduce their newest member Martin Chytil on all things Bass and backing vocals. Otto's is located at 538 East 14th Street 10009 in Manhattan, free admission, strict 21+ w/ ID.


July 10, 2014: Maninblack's mouthpiece, André Schlesinger, celebrates his birthday today. We'll be down at the Double Down Saloon, 14 Ave A, New York NY 10009, at around 9 PM for drinks and embarrassing selfies... Leave your respects here on his FaceBook page.

In other news we've managed to stay at #1 on ReverbNation's for Punk music in NYC for the past month or so. Click here to help make it last all summer!


April 13, 2014: Maninblack is back at the notorious Double Down Saloon in Manhattan for their 8th annual free performance for friends and associates on Wednesday April 30th 2014 with guest Down Under Folk / Punk artist Freya Wilcox. As an added treat presents Geek Trivia with prizes during the intermission while DJ Black Dalek transmits Subculture Shock throughout the night. The event begins at 8 PM sharp with the band taking the stage at approximately 9 PM. Get the flyer here! Again, admission is free, 21+ w/ ID.

April 2, 2014:
Maninblack has confirmed the Double Down Saloon in Manhattan for their annual Walpurgisnacht event on April 30th 2014. More info as this develops.


December 1, 2013: After over a three year absence Maninblack will be performing live and free at Otto's Shrunken Head on Thursday December 5th 2013 as part of DJ Pat Pervert's Punk Rock Happy Hour. Maninblack is the only band performing that evening and will hit the stage at 6 PM. Otto's is located at 538 East 14th Street 10009 in Manhattan, free admission, strict 21+ w/ ID. Check the event flyer here. Maninblack also takes the opportunity of welcoming new member Robert Palmer on bass.


November 23, 2013: Happy Doctor Who Day! Randale Records of Germany has has release Doctor Punk, the single with tracks from Salvador Dalek featuring DMG and Maninblack, celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who on vinyl. The record is available in conventional black vinyl and special limited edition TARDIS blue. So break out your Euros and brush up on your German if you want what will certainly be a collectors item! From the liner notes:

Doctor Punk is a hard-edged hooligan tribute to Doctor Who. It is by DMG (the exciting new spin-off group from the legendary Gonads) and radical New York electro-Oi band Maninblack. Released to mark fifty years of the much-loved British TV sci-fi series, the split single features 'Doctor Who Theme (50th Anniversary Mix') by DMG and Maninblack's 'No Sleep Till Skaro.' It will be released in November 2013 to coincide with the TV show's fiftieth anniversary celebrations. *DMG will launch officially in 2014. The band is described as a "harder, nastier, more punk rock" version of the Gonads with different personnel. Full details will be announced in January. *MANINBLACK is the brainchild of André Schlesinger, formerly of the seminal US Oi! band The Press. Maninblack mix Oi with synthesisers and samples. Singer André Schlesinger explains: "We've taken 1977 UK Punk and Oi! influences and hit them with a Dalek's plunger." *The Doctor Who theme is one of the most iconic TV signature tunes in history. It was written by Ron Grainger in 1963.

October 28, 2013:
Happy Halloween! While the band won't be performing this Halloween they still managed few tricks and a subsequent treat: just released, DOCTOR PUNK a digital single celebrating the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary with tracks by Salvador Dalek featuring DMG (AKA longtime comrades The Gonads) and my shining boys Maninblack on Soitainly Records, available on all iTunes and Amazon services both domestic and internationally. Click the respective stores to purchase the MP3s and here to view the cover art.

Watch this space for a rumored vinyl version of this coming out of Germany next month as well as a new band member and the boys performing live during the first week of December.

In other news the band has maintained a steady unyielding hold within the top 10 of ReverbNation's Punk music charts for New York City: Maninblack ReverbNation page


September 13, 2013: Happy Friday the 13th! While you haven't heard much from us it's not as if Maninblack has been totally inactive. A new mail server, a new eMail list, an interview and making it into a certain popular chart have kept André and crew busy over the Summer.

The band's website Maninblack: The Official Online Press Kit! moved to a new domain server and we subsequently had to make different arangements for our mail list. The new list, The Black List: The eMail List of Maninblack can be subscribed to here.

Maninblack's keyboardist Michael Brown and lead vocalist / guitarist André Schlesinger are interviewed in the UK print magazine Street Sounds' #4 Summer 2013 issue. The boys discuss everything from musical influences to film, politics and future plans. The magazine can be ordered on the website. However, as a special treat for our friends and fans Street Sounds has posted the interview in its entirety along with some bonus photos on their website here.

A few months ago we received notice that Maninblack had reached #40 in ReverbNations's Punk music charts for New York City. Now this is certainly not Billboard or even CMJ for that matter but ReverbNation is no small potatoes when it comes to online music and New York City has as many Punk bands as it has Chinese take out restaurants. The Next several weeks saw Maninblackl slowly but steadily climb the NYC Punk charts eventually peaking at #4 and for the past month or so Maninblack has hovered well within the top #10 on this chart. Although #1 would be nice staying in the top #10 for an extended period is the goal and here's how you can help. Clicking on this link to Maninblack ReverbNation page will count as a point towards the band and help insure their status in the ReverbNation charts locally and boost them nationally and if your a member of ReverbNation you can follow us with a fan account. So, what are you waiting for? Let's put a bullet next to Maninblack and get them to the top! Click now, click often!


April 13, 2013: Maninblack will be holding their annual free performance for comerades on April 30th 2013 at the Double Down Saloon (14 Ave A, 10009 in Manhattanz). The event starts at 7 PM with DJ Black Dalek spinning varios Punk sub genres for the duration, special guests Les Miz & the Angry Inch will be breaking a leg at 8 and those boys in black... starting thier set at 9. It's free admission with the usual unuseuallness that is the Double Down Saloon and Maninblack. Get the flyer here.


March 22, 2013: Maninblack will be back at the Double Down Saloon in Manhattan on April 30th 2013 for their annual Walpurgisnacht event. More info as this develops.


March 13, 2013: After some reformatting and corrections, we blame Mercury retrograde..., Maninblack's mouthpiece André Schlesinger is interviewed on February 16th by Brad Filicky of the self proclaimed geek blog Read it HERE!


February 28, 2013: Maninblack will be back at the Double Down Saloon (do they ever leave?) in Manhattan on March 10th 2013 for the club's 7th Anniversary Weekend Gala part 2. The band will be supported by acoustic Folk minimalist Patrick Salt Ryan and DJ Black Dalek returns to EXTERMINATE you with Punk, Reggae, Oi!, NWOBHM, Krautrock, Pub Rock, etc. The event starts at 7 PM with Maninblack going on at around 9. As always the DDS is cheap drinks, free admission, 21+ w/ ID. Oh yes, here's the flyer.


February 3, 2013: Maninblack will be making their first appearance outside Manhattan with a performance at The Grand Victory in Williamsburg (245 Grand Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211) on Sunday, 2/17/13. The event is hosted by Scenic Productions and guest artists include Hopeless Otis, Family Fun, and The Shipwrecks who are all Punk bands to some degree or another. Admission is $8.00, 21+ w/ ID, and doors open at 7 PM with Maninblack hitting the stage around 9:00. Advance tickets are available through TicketWeb here and our flyer can be seen here.

In other news our DIY label Black Dalek Records (The only label that still offers a Learjet, hotel damage insurance, groupies, groupies, groupies, and a Whitman's Sampler of non-liquid refreshments...) has created a YouTube channel in order to showcase videos by Maninblack. There's no actual moving picture videos up yet by there are several tracks with cover art and the band is said to be in the preproduction stages of some audio / video recordings. Black Dalek's YouTube channel can be found here.


January 6, 2013: We should be listing a couple of upcoming shows for the next month or so in the following days. Stay tuned... or better yet join our mail list!


December 8, 2012: As mentioned a few weeks ago Maninblack will be performing at the End Of The World Event on 12/21/12 at the Double Down Saloon in Manhattan. Guests include DOOMSDAY! The Ultimate Mephiskapheles Unplugged Tribute who were originally scheduled to perform with Maninblack at the cancelled Halloween event, Dark Punk Bluesman Darren Deicide who has performed alongside us before, and DJ Black Dalek who for some will seem very familiar but I've promised not to say. The event starts at 8 PM with Darren Deicide opening things up at about 8:3 and proceeded by DOOMSDAY! at about 9:15 and Maninblack taking over after 10 PM while DJ Black Dalek spins Punk, Oi!, Skinhead Reggae, Glam, Pub Rock, Two Tone, EXTERMINATE! As always the DDS features infamously cheap drinks and admission is free. It's a Friday night, it's the end of the world, what more could you ask for! Here's the new flyer.

In the behind the scenes department you may remember we announced that Maninblack had added drummer David Masem to the line up. However, after a few rehearsals, some mutual business agreements and the confirmation of the End Of The World Event, which was arranged more or less for his benefit, David has abruptly left the band apparently over some personal issue that seem to include mental instability. Maninblack's lead vocalist André Schlesinger has said that "several flags went up immediately after David joined the band, he was overly enthusiastic to the point that it was becoming a little embarrassing and then we noticed that he was delving in to particularly kooky conspiracy theories that involve the government's nefarious control of weather events and Right Wing Tea Party style birtherism just to name a few. He didn't return calls, he didn't discuss options, he just quit, ranting and raving, leaving us holding the bag."

Maninblack will be joined by former member Brian Blainey on drums for their 12/21/12 performance.


November 19, 2012: Maninblack will be playing the End Of The World Event on 12/21/12 at the Double Down Saloon in Manhattan. There will be more information available as this develops but until then here's the preliminary flyer.

Meanwhile this picture from the 11/10/12 show has members of the band's outer entourage (and possibly law enforcement) referring to Maninblack keyboard / EFX specialist Michael Brown as "Mikey Two-Mikes."


November 2, 2012: Maninblack will be making up for the cancelled Halloween show with a special performance at the Double Down Saloon (14 Ave. A, NYC 10009) on Saturday November 10th. The event will take place a little earlier than usual starting at 7 PM with Maninblack as the sole performer and beginning their set at around 8 PM. The band will be making a point of giving out free Maninblack pins and mini CDs singles to anyone and everyone. As always the DDS features infamously cheap drinks and admission is free. Here's the new flyer.


October 31, 2012: We're sorry to say that our Halloween event with DOOMSDAY! The Ultimate Mephiskapheles Unplugged Tribute and DJ Agent Jay has been CANCELED. After a nervous vigil of monitoring local news and the internet for signs that power would be restored to the East Village area of Manhattan, and particularly the Double Down Saloon, we've given up on the possibility that this show will take place. As it is it may be a few days before that area of the NYC has its electricity back on line and possibly longer before public transportation for the entire city is back to normal. Maninblack's mouthpiece André Schlesinger is negotiating with the DDS management for somewhat of a rescheduling of this event to take place following the restoration of power to the area, we'll keep you posted. Talks are also in progress which may see Maninblack at the end of the world...


October 30, 2012: In case you are unaware there has been massive flooding and power outages in the NYC due to the recent hurricane. While the Double Down Saloon did not suffer any water damage they are currently without electricity. Maninblack is playing this by ear so if the electricity is back on by late Wednesday afternoon they will perform as scheduled. However, there is the distinct chance that the Halloween Night event will be canceled, and that's not to mention several NYC bridges, tunnels and subways are out of commission. If your heart is set on attending this event and you have not yet heard from us I suggest that you call the Double Down Saloon after 6 PM at (212) 982-0543 to find out what the story is. In the case of a cancellation the band is hoping to reschedule the event and / or hold another show at the Double Down Saloon before the end of the year.


October 15, 2012: Maninblack welcomes new bandmate, electronic drummer, David Masem. David is currently rehearsing with the band and will begin performing with them live after the Halloween event. See David and his rather impressive (some might say intimidating...) top of the line Roland V-Drum setup in this picture.

In a somewhat more behind the scenes move, having been negotiated discreetly about three months ago and in effect now, RJ Demler has returned to the band on bass guitar and additional bass pedal synthesizer while Michael Brown has switched over to keyboards and special EFX. This essentially has both expanded and optimized Maninblack's overall performance and, along with the imminent inclusion of new drummer David Masem, should see phenomenal results.


October 1, 2012: Maninblack will be performing Halloween night (Wednesday, October 31st 2012) at the Double Down Saloon in the East Village of Manhattan (14 Ave. A, 10009, near Houston). Guests include DOOMSDAY! The Ultimate Mephiskapheles Unplugged Tribute and DJ Agent Jay spinning Punk and Reggae before, during and after. The event begins at 8 PM with Maninblack hitting the stage with guest drummer Joe Livingston at about 9 PM. Black Dalek Records will be handing out free copies of the mini CD single Fighting In The Streets b/w The NYC. There will be tricks! There will be treats! Here's the flyer, go get it!


September 24, 2012: Should be announcing an upcoming event soon.


July 10, 2012: Maninblack's mouthpiece Andre Schlesinger celebrates his XXth birthday today and in honor of this we're getting together at the Double Down Saloon in the East Village of Manhattan (14 Ave. A, 10009, near Houston) at 9 PM to help him forget about his INCREASINGLY SURLY DISPOSITION. Cake and ice cream will NOT BE SERVE!!! Get the flyer here.


April 17, 2012: Maninblack is looking for some assistance with booking shows for the next few months. If you're interested and you're an event organizer or someone else with some NYC club connections read this.


April 9, 2012: Maninblack will be celebrating their 6th Annual Performance For Comrades at the Double Down Saloon in Manhattan. The event will include stand up comic Bob Bell, who appeared with the band a few years ago, and special guest DJ Tim Sommer of WNYU radio Noise The Show fame. It's a Monday night so we're going to try and get things started a little early, beginning at 7 PM, with Bob Bell yanking your chain at 8 PM and the band hitting the stage at around 8. Pick up the event flyer.


April 6, 2012: Maninblack now has a band page on Google+ although we've yet to determine exactly what's "plus" about it.


March 27, 2012: Should have another show announcement coming up soon...


February 21, 2012: Maninblack is back, by special request, at the Double Down Saloon in Manhattan for the club's 6th Anniversary Weekend Gala on Sunday March 11th, 2012. The event starts at 4 PM with DJ Agent Jay spinning Punk and Reggae until Maninblack hits the sage at around 6 o'clock and followed by DJs James Callahan & Trainwreck spinning Punk, Hardcore and Metal. This is perfect if you want to have brunch in the East Village (or not), drop by the DDS for some afternoon inebriation, bang your head to Maninblack, and have a few more before heading home in time to get a good night's sleep for your Monday thing. Here's the event flyer.

Maninblack are also tentatively booked for April 30th at the DDS, more info and a show flyer as this develops.


February 13, 2012: Drum roll please! ... (note that we can now actually have a drum roll) ... Maninblack welcomes Nick Fuse on drums and electronic percussion! A veteran of the original New York Punk scene, Nick arrives without excuses, not afraid to play in front of a crowded room or hammer electronic drums on top of a pool table with a spotlight on him. Maninblack's mouthpiece André Schlesinger has said "I tried to recruit Nick several times over the past few years but he's always been busy with other projects, I knew this guy had a little bit of Keith Moon blood in him and always felt he'd be a compliment to the band" while bassist Michael Brown was reported saying, when ask what he thought of Nick's audition, "fuck yeah!" Needless to say we're all pretty exited here as the band prepares to play some upcoming shows and get some work done. Can we expect a drum solo as part of Maninblack's live set? We shall see...

In other news I've photographed and rendered some publicity shots of the new line up here, here and here.


February 8, 2012: Last month we announced the release of 30 Years of Oi!: Never Surrender! compilation on Contra Records and even though we included a link to Longshot Music, who are responsible for the release in North America, we've had reports that people were still having a hard time getting a hold of the CD or vinyl versions. We were able to hunt down the distributor, Pirate Press, who is also retailing both versions. So, if you're in North America, and I'm assuming that means Canada, Mexico and the US, and want to spare yourself the extra shipping cost and delivery time you can order through the links directly below:

30 Years of Oi!: Never Surrender! double CD Digipak

30 Years of Oi!: Never Surrender! triple 12" vinyl LP set

In other news we'll be making an important announcement within the next few days...


January 7, 2012: You may remember that Maninblack would be appearing on a 30th anniversary of Oi! compilation on Contra Records of Germany. You don't remember? Well that's probably because it was over two years ago that Maninblack submitted their material for a compilation that was supposed to be released only a few months later. Without getting too snarky I'd like to announce that it has finally been released! 30 Years of Oi!: Never Surrender!, produced / compiled by our own godfather Garry Bushell and released on Contra Records of Germany. Maninblack's song is This Is Oi! (Oi, That's Not Oi!) along with another 40 something tracks by as many bands. The compilation is available as a double CD Digipack set or three limited edition 12" vinyl LPs in assorted colors. You can order directly from Contra Records or, if you're in the USA, you can order domestically from Longshot Records and it seems that it's being made available through various other distributors and storefronts.


October 9, 2011: Maninblack will be returning to the Double Down Saloon, 14 Ave. A 10009, in Manhattan for a special Halloween performance on... you got it... Halloween night! The band hits the stage around 10 PM amidst tricks and treats, preceded by special guest R-Tronika (fronted by former Maninblack keyboard Renzo "Tuco" Ortega), along with DJ Agent Jay spinning Punk and Reggae all night. Here's the flyer.


September 10, 2011: Maninblack's André Schlesinger will be playing guitar synthesizer and theremin with NWSPR (New Wave Solar Powered Robots) for a special avant-garde fashion show presentation at The Cutting Room in Manhattan on 9/16/11. NWSPR is the Synthpop side project of Maninblack's new bass player Michael Brown and will thus far be its first live performance providing runway music for the catwalk segment as well as the reception to follow. Although the event is apparently planned to coincide with Fashion Week it is closed to the public while rumors that Project Runway's Tim Gunn will be present to "mentor" the band are just a hoax being propagated by a certain member of UK Prankster-Punk band The Gonads.

In other news Maninblack has just confirmed for a Halloween night performance at the Double Down Saloon in Manhattan. More information as this develops.


August 15, 2011: Maninblack welcomes Michael Brown on bass guitar, bass pedal synthesizer, backing vox and vocoder.


July 10, 2011: Maninblack has released a new demo single "Fighting In The Streets" b/w "The NYC (There Will Always Be)" on their Black Dalek label. The songs are available as a free download here and as a limited edition mini CD by special request. André has stated that this will be followed up with a full length demo CD of so far unrecorded and never performed songs later this year with the working title "It's All About Me." Previous plans for a video have been set back indefinitely.

Maninblack's lead vox / synth guitarist / theremin stroker André Schlesinger celebrates his birthday today.


May 13, 2011: Maninblack's manager Garry Bushell celebrates his birthday today.


April 11, 2011: As stated earlier Maninblack will be performing at the Double Down Saloon on April 30th. Guest will include Darren Deicide and long time friend DJ Pat Pervert. This will be Maninblack's fifth annual free performance for friends and associates, their second performance at the Double Down Saloon and their first performance in exactly one year. It's a Saturday night, the drinks are cheap and André has promised a few surprises including the new lineup which seems to consist of past members of various incarnations. Get the flyer here!


April 2, 2011: Maninblack will be performing at the infamous Double Down Saloon in NYC on 4/30/11./ For more information see our preliminary flyer. Stay tuned for more as this develops...


January 1, 2011: Maninblack's mouthpiece André Schlesinger begins production on two song / video demos "The NYC (There Will Always Be)" b/w "Fighting In The Streets." Although the songs and video are not slated for actual release André has said that the project will include release quality audio accompanied by a mix of both live action and narrative style video footage.


October 19, 2010: Maninblack has provided original theme music for extreme horror publisher Comet Press' new book trailer Deadcore: 4 Hardcore Zombie Novellas. Venturing shamelessly into the Gothic and Death Metal sounds, or a parody there of, André has stated "don't get used to it, it was a one off event as far as the Cookie Monster is concerned although I did get to use my theremin and plan on using it again for more relevant projects." OK André, whatever you say... meanwhile Mäninbläck is still searching for a new drummer and bass player.


May 17, 2010: Last Monday, May 10th, at approximately 3:00 PM Maninblack's lead vocalist André schlesinger sent out a notice to the band's bass player and drummer effectively terminating their membership. While this might seem as a rash move, particularly after Maninblack's ground breaking performance on April 30th at the Double Down Saloon in NYC and their recent deal with Contra Records, there were ongoing issues along with a bizarre lack of enthusiasm on the part of the other members. Without getting into details André has stated that he has every intention of keeping Maninblack going while manager Garry Bushell has declared "Maninblack are poised to electrify the European Punk and Oi scenes with their urgent mix of tunes, aggression and attitude. This ride isn't going to stop!"That being said Maninblack is now searching for a new bass player and drummer, ASAP! For more information on Maninblack's requirements see our musicians wanted page.

In the meantime... everyone concerned is impatiently awaiting the long anticipated release of the 30th Anniversary of Oi! compilation, also on Contra Records, which features among many others Maninblack and our Prankster Punk comerades The Gonads and is produced by none other than Garry Bushell.



April 16, 2010: Maninblack will be playing their 4th annual showcase performance on Friday April 30th 2010 at the Double Down Saloon, 14 Avenue A (at Houston Street) 10009 in Manhattan. Admission is free, 21 and over with ID. The band is scheduled to start playing at 9PM. Maninblack also welcomes new member Ian Thomas on drums and electronic percussion.

This show will be significant in that Maninblack will be the very first live band to perform at the Double Down Saloon, which has established itself as a regular NYC Punk hangout that puts the die in dive bar, while its original Las Vegas location has hosted live bands for many years.

CrakShot will be sponsoring this event so there will be plenty of those little white vials with the skull logo laying around for people to get their edge on before Maninblack starts their set.

Click here for the event flyer and further information



February 14, 2010: Maninblack has been quiet but quite busy for the past few months: the band has agreed to a deal with indie label Contra Records of Germany for a 7" vinyl EP and a full length. Read all about it in the official press release.

The drummer problem has been remedied, at least temporally, with the inclusion of Texas Clamp on drums and Roland TR-3 V-Drums.

André has also announced the formation of Black Dalek Records and sub-label Tiger Of Babylon to help facilitate the release of Maninblack's music locally while the production of other artists, particularly those who have stood by us over the years, is a distinct possibility.

Much, much more as all of this develops!


October 16, 2009: Maninblack is looking for a new drummer. If you or someone you know might be interested check here.


August 23, 2009: Maninblack will be at Otto's Shrunken Head, 538 East 14th Street 10009 in Manhattan, on Friday September 4th, 2009. The band will be hitting the stage at Midnight preceded by Top Ten Lovers at 10 PM, Devious Semantics at 10:45, and along with Peak Oil spinning Punk & Oi!, Metal, Post Punk, Alternative, etc., etc., all night long. Admission is free! New lead guitarist James "Rosy" Rosenthal will make his debut with the band which will be their last show of the Summer. This is a Friday, Labor Day weekend no less (not to mention a full moon...), so if you were looking for an excuse to start your three-day-weekend bender off right this would be it!

In other news Maninblack's mouthpiece, André Schlesinger, has been honored with the inclusion of the following paragraph/quote from the book "Burning Britain" by Ian Glasper, in Wikipedia's page on Oi! music: 'In the words of André Schlesinger, “Oi shares many similarities with folk music, besides its often simple musical structure; quaint in some respects and crude in others, not to mention brutally honest, it usually tells a story based in truth.' The band would like to thank the editors of Wikipedia, author Ian Glasper, and our management agency, Knock-Out Entertainment, for this validating recognition.


June 30, 2009: Maninblack will be at Otto's Shrunken Head on Thursday July 9th, performing at 11 PM, along with The Searchlights at 10:00 and Move Your Mule spinning Reggae and Punk all night. Maninblack supporters will be hanging around after the band's set past Midnight to coincide with lead singer André Schlesinger's birthday (7/10). Otto's is located at 538 East 14th Street in Manhattan and admission is free but you must be 21 or older with proper ID. The show flyer can he download here.

Maninblack's new lead guitarist James Rosenthal is scheduled to join the band on stage at the 9/04/09 show.


June 20, 2009: Maninblack has added one James Rosenthal to the lineup on lead guitar. The band is also scheduled to return to Otto's Shrunken Head on July 9th and again on September 4th. No word yet on if the band plans on performing in the interim. More later as all this develops.


May 28, 2009: Maninblack is back at Otto's Shrunken Head on Tuesday June 9th as part of Dark Water Tuesdays hosted by Father Vincent. This particular event, which was voted "best weekly party" by NYPress readers, which has a decidedly dark theme includes DJs spinning Punk, Ska, Dark Wave, New Wave, EBM, Goth, Industrial, etc., etc., and exhibits Horror and Sci-Fi movies on the club's overhead television screens. Maninblack will start their set at 10 PM followed by The Bleeding at 11:00. Otto's is located at 538 East 14th Street in Manhattan and as always admission is free. You can view/download the flyer here.


May 18, 2009: Maninblack will be at The Pyramid Club on Thursday June 4th. André and crew will be going on at 9:30 PM followed by Pile Of Kittens and All Torn Up!. There's a Punk variety/game show theme going on here so there is likely to be some secondary entertainment as well. Apparently this event is going to be held in the performance space located in the basement. Doors open at 9:00 PM, admission is $5.00, and you must be 18 years old to enter and 21 years old (or older) with proper ID to drink. The Pyramid Club is located at 101 Avenue A, 10009, in Manhattan. Here's the flyer.


May 7, 2009: Maninblack will be at Otto's Shrunken Head again on Saturday May 16th. The boys are set to hit the stage at Midnight preceded by Lords Of The Highway at 111:00, friends of ours The Mixed Signals (who include none other than The Grand Invidious, AKA Black Andre, the Nubian Nightmare) at 10:00 and Battery One Dollar at 9:00 with DJ Rocket spinning Punk and Metal all night. Otto's is located at 538 East 14th Street in the NYC and admission is free. The flyer for this event can be downloaded here.


April 23, 2009: Maninblack is scheduled to perform two shows at Otto's Shrunken Head, 538 East 14th Street 10009 in Manhattan:

The first date, 4/30/09, is for their 3d annual showcase party which for the past two years has been a private event but the band took a last minute offer to host their party at Otto's. Admission is free and open to the public although we're hoping to see many of our personal friends and associates there as well. The band will be going on at 11:30 PM. The flyer for the show can be downloaded here.

The second date, 5/16/09, has the band hitting the stage at Midnight preceded by Indie, Punk and Psychobilly bands which may also include a certain friend of ours. More as this develops...


January 23, 2009: In the better late than never department Randy Smith talks with André Schlesinger about his former band The Press, the CD release of The Complete Press ~ 1984-1994 on Insurgence Records, and a bit about Maninblack in Maximumrocknroll's September 2008 issue #304. Yeah, I know it's already January 2009 but we were just informed about this last week. Maninblack would like to thank MRR for the complimentary copies.


January 1, 2009: Maninblack will be at Crash Mansion, 199 Bowery (at Spring Street) in Manhattan 10002, on 1/08/09. They will be sharing the bill with Punk/Alternative bands Razor Kings, The Fastermores, and J Karner & The Peterson Brothers who are on tour together from Virginia. Doors open at 8 PM, admission is $8, 21+ w/ ID. Maninblack ill be playing their set at 11:30. Have a flyer! This will be followed by a late night after party at Double Down Saloon where André has been receiving his vodka therapy sessions.

Other than that André, RJ and Brian are allegedly working on a 4 song demo/EP and are reported to begin recording at Maninblack's Safe House studio within the month. Sources suggest that the tracks will be release quality studio representations of their live performance supposedly meaning that André won't be going overboard on the production. "Allegedly?" "Supposedly?" Can't I get a confirmation on any of this? Maninblack's manager, Garry Bushell, has been unavailable for comment as he divies up the band's earnings from their last few performances at a secret location somewhere in the South of France.


November 20, 2008: Maninblack will be at Desmond's Tavern, 433 Park Avenue in Manhattan, this Saturday, 11/22/08. The event is being billed as "Punk/Glam/Rock Night" and has Maninblack on stage at 11 PM with other bands performing at 8, 9, 10 PM and Midnight. Admission is $10 dollars but you can get half off ($5.00) by presenting a printout of this flyer at the door.


October 1, 2008: Maninblack will be performing twice this month with their first show on Friday October 10th at Otto's Shrunken Head at 538 East 14th Street 10009 in Manhattan and hosted by Rockem Sockem. The band is scheduled to hit the stage at 10 PM with a couple of bands to follow and admission is free!

On October 29th André and the boys will be at Fat Baby, 112 Rivington Street 10002 in Manhattan. This event hosted by All Over Booking has Maninblack performing at 11 PM preceded by two other bands. Admission is $7.00


September 11, 2008: the drummer dilemma has been remedied with the return of Brian Blainey on drums and electronic percussion (I'll bet you didn't even know he was gone). This means that Maninblack will be performing as a three piece for at least a few shows with André handling guitars as well as lead vocals until an additional guitar player can be found and of course RJ Demler is still manning the bass guitar and backing vocals. You can see a recent promo picture of the current line up here.

André's former band The Press was recently honored with its own page on Wikipedia. Hopefully similar recognition will soon be given to Maninblack...



May 29, 2007: Maninblack is looking for a new drummer. All interested parties should look here for more information. The band has placed a blackout on all news releases until the drummer position is filled.

October 31, 2007: Maninblack will be at The Pussycat Lounge tonight for the long awaited The Complete Press ~ 1984-1994 CD release party with Skull-A-Ball and Kreepy Fritz. It's Halloween and this is Maninblack so expect the unexpected...

The Complete Press ~ 1984-1994 is officially released today. I reviewed an advance review copy and, having heard the tracks before they were compiled and remastered for this CD, I have to say that the sound is a amazing and comparable to how The Press sounded live back in the 80s and 90s.

The band has no shows booked for the next several weeks as they plan on adding some new songs to the set and enhancing the overall live sound of the band. I'm betting that Andre is finally going to start using his guitar/synthesizer rig on stage.


October 13, 2007: Maninblack will be playing next at The Complete Press ~ 1984-1994 CD release party on 10/31/07 (that's Halloween) being held at The Pussycat Lounge. The band will be performing songs of The Press that appear on the CD as well selections from their own set. Guests will include Skullaball, whose singer is none other than long time The Press/Maninblack comrade The Grand Invidious (AKA Black Andre, the Nubian Nightmare) of Mephiskapheles, and going on first will be Kreepy Fritz who had been slated to appear along with Maninblack at a certain booking mishap in the recent past. The Pussycat Lounge is at 96 Greenwich Street in Manhattan Showtime: 8 PM, admission: $5, 21 & over w/ ID. The band will be taking the stage at approximately 11 PM with the before mentioned bands going on between 9 and 10 PM. See the show flyer here! What is it about these guys and The Pussycat Lounge?


October 11, 2007: Attention! Tomorrow's show at The Mean Fiddler, and subsequently the show on 10/24 at Otto's Shrunken Head, has been cancelled! Apparently the booking agent, MAD Events, had a misunderstanding with the venue but failed to inform the bands. At least Maninblack won't be showing up to find out that they don't have a show to play...


October 9 , 2007: Maninblack will be at The Mean Fiddler this Friday, 10/12/07, at 266 West 47th Street in Manhattan for an 11 PM set, along with several other bands. Admission is $8.00, 18 and over to enter, 21 and over with ID to drink. See the event flyer here.


September 27, 2007: The CD collection of songs recorded by Andre's former band The Press, entitled The Complete Press ~ 1984-1994 is set to be released by Insurgence Records of Canada on Halloween but is available early as a preorder.

Maninblack is set to perform at The Pussycat Lounge, 96 Greenwich Street in Manhattan on 10/01/2007 Showtime: 8 PM, admission: $5, 21 & over w/ ID. The band should be hitting the stage by 10 PM. See the event flyer here.


Other upcoming shows for Maninblack include:

10/12/2007 - The Mean Fiddler, 266 W 47th Street New York, New York 10036 Admission: $8.

10/24/2007 - Otto's Shrunken Head, 538 East 14th Street New York, New York 10009 Admission: FREE

10/31/2007 - The Complete Press CD release party, The Pussycat Lounge, 96 Greenwich Street New York, New York 10006 Admission: TBA.

Please note that all doors open at approximately 8 PM with Maninblack's performance sets occurring on or slightly after 10 PM with additional bands to be announced. This information will be updated shortly.





June 6, 2007: Maninblack played a flawless set at The Pussycat Lounge last night and were even invited downstairs (the performance space is on the 2nd floor of a strip club) for another chance where they opted for using food stamps (apparently this had been planned well in advance)instead of cold hard Susan B Anthony coins making sure to sneak up and slip them into the panties of the exact same girls they had offended less than two weeks ago. The girls, having recognized the members of the band, took this in good spirits and jokingly complained that the food stamps didn't add up to enough for a lap dance. What I want to know is where did they get the food stamps from?

The boys are at The Underscore tomorrow night.

June 1, 2007: Andre and the boys have been asked to return to The Pussycat Lounge for a last minute booking on June 5th.


May 26, 2007: Maninblack performed at The Pussycat Lounge last night which reminded me of a smaller and cleaner CBGB's. The band played a roaring set but were later reportedly asked to leave the lower half of the venue (the strip club part) after a few of the employees complained about being tipped with cold Susan B Anthony dollars. It seems that the boys were chilling the $1.00 coins in classes of ice water before slipping them into the bottoms of the topless dancers.

The band is scheduled to play The Underscore on the Upper Eastside of Manhattan on June 7th.


May 17, 2007: Maninblack performed last night at The Mean Fiddler in Manhattan to a small but enthusiastic crowd, some of who's jaws visibly dropped when then band went into the opening chords and verse to the first song of their set "Read Between The Lines." Apparently some confusion arose as more than a few of the audience had mistaken the band for the clubs bouncers and one spectator described both the band's image and sound as "intimidating." The club itself, a typical Irish sports bar upstairs and performance space/stage downstairs, had an excellent sound sound system.

The band is scheduled to play The Pussycat Lounge at 96 Greenwich Street on 05/25/2007 in the financial district of lower Manhattan. This should be interesting since The Pussycat doubles as a strip club.


May 1, 2007: Maninblack celebrated Walpurgisnacht and May Day last night with a special showcase performance and party for friends only to debut the new line up. Copious amounts of alcohol were present and Andre had appointed a personal server to pour cups of vodka throughout the band's set. Notable guests included Glenn Wernig of New York Waste magazine, the former singer of The Mephiskapheles and long time friend of both The Press and Maninblack, The Grand Invidious (AKA Black Andre, the Nubian Nightmare), and promoter Derek "TC" Jones.

Maninblack is set to perform at The Mean Fiddler at 266 W 47th Street in Manhattan on May 16th while some other event bookings are in the works.


April 13, 2007: Added our new mailing list: Your Name In Black for all of you who want to feel closer to the band or who just want to be kept up to date on show scheduling and releases. This should be lots of fun for everyone since I will be moderating the list and I've been privy to many of Andre and the band's adventures, a few of which they don't quite remember.


April 1, 2007: Sally here! Uploaded Maninblack's press release announcing their decision to actually start playing shows with the new line up soon. I also updated the Reviews section with some honorable mentions from the likes of Oi poet Garry Johnson, Cockney Rejects' singer Stinky Turner, Vice Squad singer Beki Bondage and Right Said Fred and Shamen producer Clyde Ward (who also plays bass in The Gonads). Andre tells me to wish everyone a Poisson d'Avril, whatever the Hell that means!


March 28 , 2007: Uploaded four (4!!!) new demos that Andre has recorded for the band at Maninblack's Safe House Studio and released as a digital demo EP titled Future B Sides making it available to the public as a free download on this site and elsewhere on the internet. The collection includes the new songs Where Do All The Junkies Come From?, Sit Down/Shut Up, Police Line: Don't Cross! and Unfuck'nbelievable. As an added bonus I have rendered cover art for the collection and for each individual track (guess which one I posed for!) which are also available for free download on the this site's Demos section.


* * *

January 1, 2006 to January 1, 2007: The void, a really dark place, no band's land, the man that time forgot... you really don't want to know. OK, I'll cover it briefly. The last time we heard from Maninblack Andre had recently fired everyone declaring them either incompetent or undedicated (or was it uneducated?). In the following twelve months Andre began working with new musicians, three and four at a time, sacking the deadbeats and keeping only those who passed the cut and eventually coming up with what he is referring to as the official lineup. So after an entire year of dealing with wannabe Rock stars, recovering junkies, hyper sensitive Nancy boys, no shows, more females... and generally people who have no business placing or answering a musicians wanted advertisement, Andre seems to have come up with a dedicated lineup although he refuses to let me post their pictures or list their names at this time. The whole time Andre only allowed me into the Safe House Studio to make endless pots of strong Spanish coffee and press the knobs on various media layers, sequencers and drum machines while the band rehearsed. As you can see I wasn't allowed to update the web site.

* * *


October 31, 2005: Andre has just finished up producing a project at the Batcave Recording Studio with audio engineer Gary Knox. What exactly they were up to Andre won't say except that it wasn't directly related to Maninblack...


September 1, 2005: Updated the site's splash screen to reflect Maninblack's current official status and in honor of Labor Day. Added Lev Bronstein, which was recorded by RedSquare and Andre for the Reds Strike The Blues CD, to the site's password protected files.


August 24, 2005: Reds Strike The Blues: A Tribute To The Redskins is finally out! The CD follow up to A Flame That Can't Be Dimmed features 16 bands with two songs performed by Maninblack and one song performed by the UK Cyberpunk band RedSquare with Andre as guest vocals/guitar/keyboards. The collection is very diverse while doing justice to The Redskins who were true legend and inspiration to Andre, both musically and politically. You can order Reds Strike The Blues directly from Redstar Recordings or CD Baby.


July 23, 2005: Andre is evidently back at work with some new band members however, he refused to let me add them to the current line up or even tell me exactly who they are saying "I want to wait until these guys actually accomplish something before making any announcements."


July 10, 2005: The smoke has finally cleared and, all axes have fallen, and I have now been allowed access to the studio and this computer in order to update the Maninblack web site. As you may remember Maninblack was set to play May 28th at the Crash Mansion which they did and although I personally felt that the set went well Andre was extremely disappointed in the band's overall sound and performance and immediately sacked guitarist AD (saw that one coming...) and then without warning, over the course of the next few weeks, sacked both drummer Vic Pullen (citing conflicts of interest) and relatively new bassist Gregory Aston (citing all talk, no action) which apparently leaves Andre without a band. When I asked Andre for a comment on this he replied "you'd be surprised at what I can do without a back up band, you'd be even more surprised at what I've already done without their help" while Maninblack's manager, Garry Bushell, who was busy trying to figure out what his increased cut might be after Maninblack's recent downsizing, went on record as stating "those poor chaps, what were their names again?"

In other news celebrates its 3rd birthday today while a certain solo artist is celebrating his birthday today as well although I'm sworn to secrecy that I won't reveal his age.


Maninblack performing live at Crash Mansion 5/28/05


May 25, 2005: There's a new interview with Andre on the Punk & Oi! in the UK web site where he discusses the concept and sound behind Maninblack. And for anyone who didn't catch it, Maninblack will be performing live at Crash Mansion tomorrow 5/28/05. I overheard Andre on the phone telling Maninblack's new bass player Gregory Aston that some sort of initiation is in order. I'm excited!


May 25, 2005: Sally here again! We've changed web hosts so we'll be gradually updating this site starting with upgrading the MP3 demos back to a decent HiFi byte rate. Yeah I know, I just recently downgraded them to 32 kbps LoFi but wasn't it fun listening to, well, no it wasn't fun, it really sucked! Also look out for new MP3s, pictures, a mailing list, maybe even a line-up change. Whoops! Never mind...


May 23, 2005: OK, it's official, Maninblack will be playing live at Crash Mansion in Manhattan along with Blanks '77, Cranked Up!, The Spitzz, Dis-Con, Test Specimen and DJ Bejay Rose. For more information see my web flyer advertising the event. Although Andre is not exactly thrilled (is Andre ever really thrilled?) about performing a matinee event I do know he's anxious to dispel rumors that Maninblack is some sort of continuation or side project of his old band The Press which certain people have been helping to propagate, apparently to legitimize their own importance. The Press is dead! Long live Maninblack!


May 17, 2005: The band will be performing live on May 28th at Crash Mansion in NYC during a matinee show with several other bands. This item will be updated as more info is available.


May 13, 2005: Maninblack's manager, Garry Bushell, celebrates his birthday today! Happy birthday Gal! 40 again?


May 1, 2005: Just dropping in to make some mentions: Due to dramatically increased bandwidth usage and complaints from fans that our MP3 files are too big we've optimized the demos down to 32 kbps LoFi, however, we're about to change web hosts so we are considering some major updates to the site which may include LoFi and HiFi options.

Added the new song demo Read Between The Lines

Made a few minor updates to the site.

Andre's demo of Midlife Crisis was released on the Warnography: Love and Rage Vol. 2 CD back in around May of 2004 on the Australian Anarchist label Love And Rage Records. You are hearing about it now only because we just found out about it. I'll note that they have misspelled the band's name (i.e. Man In Black) and again the label chose to use a demo version for the release. However, the CD does feature a wide variety of talent including some well known acts and since the demo version was used it features Andre playing all instruments. This is sure to become a collectors item!

The anticipated release of Reds Strike The Blues, the full length CD follow up to A Flame That Can't Be Dimmed: A Redskins Tribute has been postponed but is said to be released any day now. Since this CD features two songs from Maninblack and a guest appearance from Andre with the UK Techno Punk band Redsquare I am holding my breath.


April 14, 2005: There are gangster and there are movie gangsters and then there's Dave Courtney! Dave Courtney's recent visit to NYC took him to Hell's Kitchen quadrant and a sit-down with Andre at Maninblack's Safe House NYC studio to discuss who will handle Dave's New York operations. Here's Dave and Andre as Dave makes Andre an offer he can't refuse...


April 10, 2005: Just stopping in to say Hi and to tell you that I received a call this morning from Maninblack's manager Garry Bushell letting me know that there would be some major announcements coming soon and that I should make an announcement to that effect. So I'm sitting here in Maninblack's Safe House Studio while Andre, bassist Greg Aston, and former Maninblack drummer Dr. Achilles (the) Heal, who is a avid software synthesizer player, program Andre's keyboard so that it sound more like a guitar which is totally confusing to me since Andre's main instrument, besides lead vocals, is the SynthGuitar which, if you haven't seen or heard it, is a guitar that sounds like a keyboard... Right, more news coming very soon!


April 1, 2005: I'd like to take this time to extend a happy Poisson d'Avril to our many French comrades. Andre, who by the way is not French, has locked down Maninblack's Safe House Studio again as the band prepares for yet another top secret project and is only letting me in the door periodically to make some minor updates to the web site and listen to latest obsessed fan problems. I know what you are thinking: he's got obsessed fans? Well, I have seen some of the strange email that have come his way recently and, as they say on Triply's Believe it or Not...


March 13, 2005: The Dropkick Murpys have re-released their recording of Andre's song "21 Guitar Salute" on their "Singles Collection, Vol. 2" which was originally released on their split EP with Face To Face. Andre is not exactly jumping for joy over this as, although he's being paid royalties for the use of his song, he was not initially asked permission for its use.


March 1, 2005: Andre is at it again, this time in an interview with BlackOut online 'zine where he sites the correct spelling of "Maninblack" several times and goes into rather unusual detail about the concept behind Maninblack while hinting at the sounds of things to come.


February 25, 2005: I'm not a big fan of web radio myself but The Touque Hooligans show on Scrub Radio deserves special mention here since last night they broadcast a rarer than rare airing of Maninblack's New York, New York USA which featured DJ (and up and coming Canadian female Pop vocals sensation) Sammi Morelli singing along via voice-over. This is hardly and accident since Samantha has been Andre's friend and unlikely confidante for some time, or as Andre so eloquently puts it "someone who you feel you've known all your life.." and she is said to have been the inspiration for this photo. And on that note I will leave it for you conspiracy theory nuts to take it from there!


February 23, 2005: Maninblack mouthpiece Andre Schlesinger now has a featured column in computer game company Running With Scissors' newsletter The Urinal. Among other things Andre discusses his fanatical but sometimes unreciprocated love for Macintosh computers and reminisces back to the days when the little third person Postal Dude scurried across the screen of his old beige PowerPC G3. Andre tosses in lots of inside jokes and innuendos that only those who know and love him or those who knowingly deserve his wrath will understand.


February 10, 2005: After over two weeks of hearing nothing from the band (Andre can go for days without talking to anyone, I've gotten use to it) except that they have been rehearsing with new bass player Gregory Aston, I got a call from Maninblack manager Garry Bushell asking me to stop by the Safe House NYC studio to make some updates to the site. Evidently Andre had locked himself in for the past few days because when he answered the door he had that beard thing happening once again and the trash bin was overflowing with empty Chinese take-out containers and bamboo chopsticks. Andre is reported to have been busy mixing down previously recorded tracks from Maninblack for one song while recording vocals, guitar and keyboards for another song which is said to be a collaboration between himself and UK Experimental/Electro/Punk/Goth multimedia team RedSquare, both songs being slated for the upcoming Redskins tribute CD. That being said I have just uploaded Maninblack's cover of the Redskins' Take No Heroes! to our password protected studio recordings page which will be released later this year on the CD follow up to "A Flame That Can't Be Dimmed: A Redskins Tribute" EP . Although I was only allowed to review this song once before writing this piece I can tell you that it is markedly different from Maninblack's first submission to the Redskins tribute project, Bring It Down!, but similar in style to Maninblack's recent release 1984/5 More Years on The Good, The Bad, The 4 Skins Tribute CD, both songs having been recorded along with former Maninblack members Virgil Ruhmer and Bertrand Simone De Hector. The other song, reported to be the Redskins' ode to Leon Trotsky, "Lev Bronstein," will have to wait until I get clearance from RedSquare before I upload it to this site.


January 19, 2005: Andre and the boys have been busy! I say "boys" because Maninblack bass player Daniela Lopresti has been sacked and replaced by Gregory Aston. When asked for a reason for Daniela's former-izing all Andre would say is "consider it retroactive starting November sixth" while commenting on new bass guitarist Greg Aston as being "refreshingly competent and without drama."

The long awaited The Good, The Bad, The 4 Skins Tribute CD has finally been released and which features 13 tracks by 13 bands, including"1984/5 More Years" performed by Maninblack, liner notes by legendary 4 Skins bassist "Hoxton" Tom McCourt and a historical overview by none other than Maninblack's manager, the Godfather of Oi, Garry Bushell. The CD's label Workers United Records is said to be shipping units out as fast as they can be shrink wrapped as plans move forward for additional pressings. The Good, The Bad, The 4 Skins Tribute CD can be purchased through

NYC's free Punk Rock music and art newspaper the New York Waste has published an interview with Andre in the December issue (I was only informed of this yesterday) which includes a few pictures from Maninblack's November 6th show at The Knitting Factory.


December 1, 2004: Added the new Past Members page to the site which features a rouges gallery of pink slip recipients.


November 27, 2004: Added a new criticism of "A Flame That Can't Be Dimmed: A Redskins Tribute" to the reviews section of the site from the Mod culture newsletter Modern Times which can be seen here in its original form. They are Mods so we will forgive them for the obvious errors including the misspelling of the band's name. Andre has commented "I'm dark, I'm maudlin, I'm sublime, hah hah! You see? I told you we were serious!" Yes, Modern Times actually used the term "maudlin."

Speaking of Mods we have added some cute little pop-up windows to the site's menu for those people who can't read ransom notes.


November 24, 2004: By popular demand we've added lyrics for songs from The Press and made some minor updates to The Press tribute page.


November 15, 2004: Without the benefit of a napalm grenade launcher or a marching band to cut down with automatic weapons Maninblack's Andre Schlesinger and Vince Desi, CEO of computer game designer Running With Scissors, were forced to get together for a civil evening of drinks at Bar 9 in Manhattan's Hell's Kitchen where they discussed the possibility of Maninblack endorsing an upcoming version of the gratuitously over the top violent video game Postal. So will we see the members of Maninblack pixilated into homicidal cartoon characters? More likely this will have something to do with the audio aspect of the game since Andre has long expressed a desire to add his voice to the game's sound bytes as well as offering some of Maninblack's music to the game's ambient sound track. In the words of the Postal Dude himself: "oh yeah!"


November 13, 2004: I got a call from Andre today telling me that it was time to come over and help him update the website. Now I've been trying to get a hold of him on the phone since 11/7, the day after Maninblack's first gig, and for the following week all I got was a busy signal, the answering machine, and "I'm busy, I'll call you back later (click)." Eventually I received an email from Maninblack manager Garry Bushell advising me that Andre was "recuperating" from the Maninblack's recent performance and that Andre would meet with me soon with a full report and instructions on how to assist him with updating the web site. I met Andre this morning at Maninblack's Safe Horse NYC recording studio, he answered the door with what looked like a week old growth of hair on his face and head. After I was debriefed on the band's recent performance and briefed on the subsequent updates to be made to the website I was also told to "get rid of any silliness you find on the site, we're all about seriousness now, I'll save the pathetique for The Gonads." So while Andre cropped and rendered digital photographs of the show I went on a search and destroy mission throughout the site to eliminate anything that might be taken with a chuckle (the News page excluded of course). Now I've known Andre for many years and I sympathize with him. He is about as serious a person as you are ever likely to meet and on the infrequent occasion that he decides to joke around other people tend to take offense. Those people are invariable the same people who like to tell him that that he's too serious.

Maninblack's Live Debut (as The Press): Special Report

So you are probably wondering how the show on 11/06 went. If you've been keeping up with me you'll know that Maninblack played their live debut, performing songs from Andre's old band The Press, at the Oi!/Skampilation 10 Year Anniversary Show on November 6th at The Knitting Factory. I arrived with the band at the club at about 10 PM and ran various errands for them until they went on at around 1 AM. The club was packed with the line of people waiting to get in stretching down the block and around the corner which continued up until about an hour before Maninblack/The Press went on.

At approximately 1 AM the band hit the stage and the crowd went wild singing (OK, make that shouting) along to not only The Press songs but most of the Maninblack songs as well. The set included songs from The Press: "Revolution Now!," "ASAP," "Shot Heard Around The World," "21 Guitar Salute," "Carry On Harry," "Friday 5 PM," and "It's Not What I Want," and songs from Maninblack: "This Is Oi! (Oi, That's Not Oi!)," "Mid Life Crisis," "Straight Out Of Babylon," and "New York, New York, USA." Andre notably played guitar, using his old Peavey T-15, for the song of The Press before switching to his SynthGuitar rig for the Maninblack songs. Having seen The Press several times during the late 1980s and early 90s I can say this came a pleasant surprise since Andre had never played guitar in The Press during their live performances (although he he says he did on a few of their early recordings) and after seeing him handle both lead vocals and rhythm guitar I have to say he did an excellent job. Lead guitarist AD was bouncing all over the stage hammering out power chords and pulling solos while backing Andre's vocals on The Press' and Maninblack's terrace chant style choruses. Girl-inblack Daniela Lopresti was noticeably exited as she held up the band's bottom end on her Peavey 5 string bass while emanating a dark and dangerous sex appeal that found her being followed around by a small entourage of male groupies after the set. Maninblack drummer Vic Pullen deserves special praise here because it was his clockwork time-keeping and shotgun snare attack that kept the band in sync even when they was struggling at times with inadequate stage monitors.

Highlights of the set included the intros to "Revolution Now!" and "This Is Oi! (Oi, That's Not Oi!)," and "Mid Life Crisis" which seemed to catch the audience off guard as they exploded into their main theme. Halfway through "Straight Out Of Babylon" the former singer of The Mephiskapheles and long time friend of both The Press and Maninblack, The Grand Invidious (AKA Black Andre, the Nubian Nightmare), jumped up on stage and joined Andre on lead vocals and stayed aboard for the gang chorus on the band's last song "New York, New York USA." As the band prepared to exit the stage Andre huddled them together and announced that they were all official members of The Press.

After the set the band retired to the back stage area where Andre, who was drenched in sweat, was seen handing out The Press and Maninblack pins to friends and fans and indulging in the club's generous stock of complimentary beer with Black Andre while taking long sips of what I was later told was Andre's "special Victoria Vodka" (whatever that's supposed to imply...) The other members popped in an out of the room while they entertained their friends and talked with eager fans. When we left the club it was almost 5 AM and everyone looked physically and emotionally drained. Andre's last words to everyone were "mission accomplished. What's next?"

Although he was not present at the show, reported to have been "vacationing in Florida" at the time, Maninblack manager Garry Bushell had this to say: "this is a historic first step for the most honest, meaningful street-punk band in the USA today. Andre Schlesinger combines vision with a rare integrity. He has an ability to write gutter rock anthems with something to say and hooks that keep their message bubbling for days after you hear them."

Pictures of the show can be seen here



November 4, 2004: I gotten a flood of emails in the past 24 hours asking me the specific details of Maninblack's upcoming performance at the Oi!/Skampilation 10 Year Anniversary Show on November 6th at The Knitting Factory.

Maninblack will be performing as The Press. Since André was the the founder, sole singer/songwriter/composer, and, after only a few short years, the only original member in the band up until 1994 this is not an issue. As André has stated before "I can get up there solo with an acoustic guitar and a harmonica rig, sing "Revolution Now" and as long as I have that goddamned tattoo on my arm it will still be The Press." Maninblack will be performing songs from The Press as well as a short set of original material from Maninblack.

Again, Maninblack/The Press will be performing at The Knitting Factory's NYC location (no, not their other club in LA!). The Knitting Factory NYC location is as follows:

The Knitting Factory
Main Performance Space
74 Leonard Street
New York City , NY 10013

Admission is $15.00 per person at the door or in advance at Maninblack, who are billed as The Press, is performing along with 4 other bands including Blanks 77, The Wretched Ones, The Krays, and Broken Heroes. The Press (Maninblack, if you haven't caught on by now) is scheduled to hit the stage at about midnight.

Be aware that this this is a two night event concluding on Sunday evening 11/07/04 with several Ska and Reggae bands who also appeared on the Oi!/Skampilation Vol.#1 CD. For those wishing to attend both nights tickets are $25.0o at the door or through

Anything else? No, I think I've covered it all!


November 3, 2004: As promised (did I actually "promise?") I have the long awaited updates on Maninblack, straight from André and Bushell, and I have seen to it that the web site also reflects these updates. First off Maninblack has a brand new line-up which includes Scooter-Skin AD on lead guitar, another one of André's long time drinking buddies (how many does that make now?) Vic Pullen (AKA the Lone Gunman) on drums and last but not least, although most definitely a first, if you knew André from back in his The Press days (long story), new girl-inblack Daniela Lopresti on Bass.

Maninblack new line up will be appearing live for the first time at the much anticipated Oi!/Skampilation 10 Year Anniversary Show on November 6th at The Knitting Factory in downtown NYC. The band has been rehearsing constantly for the past few months and André is as nervous as an expectant father to be!

In other news André spent Halloween night drinking at Vazac's Horseshoe Bar with former Maninblack drummer Dr. Achillese (the) Heal, who is actually a real doctor although we won't say what hospital he is providing penis enlargement procedures at. The two can be seen here, obviously after several rounds.


October 24, 2004: Sally here! So you are probably wondering why the Maninblack news section has gone so long without any updates. Some time in early August I found myself banned from Maninblack's Safe House NYC recording studio and instructed to make no updates to this news section until further notice. I was assured by Maninblack's manager, Garry Bushell, that the ban was "temporary," that I was not being fired as the band's promoter/publicist, and that I would be given a statement on the band's progress shortly. OK... now it's three months later and although I have not been given an official statement about the band I have been granted access once again to Safe House NYC and to the web site.

What I can tell you is that there have been some major upgrades made to Safe House NYC and there seems to be a major line up change to the band as Maninblack's frontman, Andre Schlesinger, is reported to have unceremoniously fired both Virgil Ruhmer and Bertrand Simone De Hector without them ever having their pictures posted on this site. It appears that the new, but yet unknown line up has been rehearsing at an undisclosed location although André has been observed on several recent occasions leaving Safe House NYC carrying his trademark SynthGuitar rig and then diving into a taxi headed downtown.

To make a long story short, and if you have been keeping up with the "news" above and below, I am waiting on the following: names and corresponding instruments of the members of Maninblack's new line-up, what exactly led up to the sacking of Ruhmer and De Hector, the status of The Good, The Bad, and The 4 Skins ..Tribute which is said to be released any day now..., news on The Gonads upcoming CD "Old Boots, No Panties" (André apparently will not record his tracks in the UK but will will opt for the state of the art computerized system of Safe House NYC), and most importantly an announcement concerning André's intentions for the November 6th Oi!/Skampilation 10 Year Reunion show. All of this is as big a mystery to me as it must be to you but I am hoping for an official update straight from André and/or Bushell in the next few days. A gerneral update to this site would be nice as well! You think?


July 22, 2004: André is preparing to record his tracks for The Gonads upcoming CD "Old Boots No Panties" which is scheduled to be recorded next month in Fulham, London and will include such guests as Micky Geggus of the Cockney Rejects, Roi Pearce of the Last Resort, Mark from Cock Sparrer and, at André's special request, Oi! the Poet, Garry Johnson. Exactly how André is going to do this has yet to be decided since Maninblack has recently become "busy" with rehearsals and their own recording sessions. Although André has offered to save The Gonads some pounds (or Euros, depending on which side of the fence you stand) by recording his SynthGuitar and backing vocal tracks at Maninblack's Safe House NYC studio Gonads' manager Banjo Vic and singer Gal Gonad are insisting that André fly out to Merry Old England and have even gone as far as taking up a collection to help pay for for the plane fare and so far several generous pledges have been made!

In other areas Maninblack asks once again that if you are a musician of the Oi/Punk/Reggae persuasion in the NYC vicinity to view our Musicians Wanted page and shoot us an eMail ASAP!


July 20, 2004: Both André and myself are among the dedications in Garry Bushell's new book Two Faced which is a follow up to the first in his pulp fiction crime novel trilogy The Face, both of which are available through and most other book sellers. Although I have yet been able to pry the books from André's hands I have been informed that a certain minor character was inspired by me via André's expert technical advise in the area of alternative religion.


July 18, 2004: Added a few items to The Press tribute page including a generous write-up by Garry Bushell.


July 12, 2004: Added 1984/5 More Years to Maninblack's new and improved password protected studio recordings. "1984/5More Years" is a medley arrangement and lyrical rewrite of two 4-Skins songs and is scheduled to appear on the The Good, The Bad, and The 4 Skins ..Tribute CD on Workers United Records later this Summer and as André has said "...hopefully before the November election." As Maninblack's French Canadian bass player, Bertrand Simone De Hector, puts it "1984/5 More Years is a scathing commentary on the current and very sad state of affairs of your USA and the Bourgeoisie who want to keep it that way." Thanks Bertrand! Your rare comments are certainly appreciated. It's too bad that.. oh, never mind!


July 10, 2004: is two years old today! We (our esteemed Webmasterinblack, myself, and a lowly web tech) have been tinkering with this site over the past few weeks making some minor updates and adding a few key features like the nifty new news ticker on our menu page and a new password protection system to make it easier for music industry people to access Maninblack's studio recordings and a whole lot harder for everyone else.

Synchronically, as if..., also celebrating a birthday today, although quite a bit older than this website, Maninblack's singer/songwriter and SynthGuitar strummer André Schlesinger was born at 3:49 PM in San Rafael CA under the auspicious Sun sign of Cancer with Scorpio rising in the Chinese year of the Tiger. And we all know what that means!

Other than that Maninblack has just begun their busy Summer rehearsal schedule (AKA drinking beer and goofing off) and preparing for live shows which are scheduled to start this Fall.


June 28, 2004: Maninblack's mouthpiece, André Schlesinger, is interviewed on the City Of The Dead web site where he talks about his 10+ years as singer of NYC Oi legend The Press, his shady dealing with evil Garry Bushell and his Gonads, and of course Maninblack. The interview also features a few video stills from an early The Press performance where André, before many of his tattoos including his trademark Tiger stripe design, appears to be biting the head off a microphone and smoking a cigarette at the same time!

It's not a secret that André rarely endorses other bands but for the past few days he's been very interested in a new band called The Smashcasters who have recently recorded an original sounding cover of The Press' A.S.A.P. although André was overheard ranting uncharacteristically on the phone with The Smashcasters' bass player Angelo DeFranzo about this Virginia Mod band's original number Fairweather and mentioned wanting to produce the band some time in the near future. André later enlightened me with a bit of trivia about his little known short stint in the NYC Mod band The Scene with whom he played guitar, during the early days of The Press, performing one show with the band at Danceteria's Anti Apartheid benefit in the mid 1980s. Schlesinger's comment on this was "yes, I use to hang out at Danceteria on occasion but I never 'met' Madonna although I did walk the back stairs while I was there. Oh, you mean The Scene? We'll in those days I think the Mods use to keep me around so they wouldn't get beaten up by other Skinheads. And yes, I wore a parka!" Interesting André, very interesting...

Last but not least a The Press tribute page was just added which will be updated as resources are acquired. André urges anyone with photographs or show flyers they can scan and send us to do so now!


June 21, 2004: André Schlesinger and former Maninblack drummer Eamon Cronin knocked back a few cold ones last night at André's home away from home (AKA 7-B, "André's office"), Vazac's Horseshoe Bar, on Manhattan's Lower East. Evidently there are no lasting hard feeling between the two since Eamon's ceremoniously drawn out sacking recently (see previous month's news items). When questioned Schlesinger commented "Are you following me? Eamon basically went MIA not long after we recorded Bring It Down! for the A Flame That Can't Be Dimmed: A Redskins Tribute EP and I thought he had skipped town all together." When asked if there is a possibility that Cronin will be rejoining the band Schlesinger replied "I just had a drink with the guy, well OK, we had a lot to drink, and yes we discussed the band and the possibility of his return but we haven't made any agreements yet and I'm not totally sold on the idea. However, I do miss Eamon's Roland V-Drums. Besides, I've had Virgil [Ruhmer] on electronic percussion for the last sessions and I was planning on using him for upcoming projects. It would probably be very disappointing to [Virgil Ruhmer] to be sacked before the recording he worked on was released and you know how much I hate sacking band members."

In other news the Oi!/Skampilation Vol.#1 10th Anniversary Show now has a tentative date of November 6th and 7th at the Knitting Factory in Manhattan with Schlesinger's old band The Press scheduled to appear on Saturday 11/6. The Press' performance is apparently being billed as a "reunion" and when asked to comment on the possibility of an actual reunion of old band mates Schlesinger replied "I wrote all the words, all the music, sang all the songs and did most of the foot work and in the end I was the only original member of The Press. For there to be a The Press reunion all that's required is that I'm present. You know what I mean?" Yeah, we know what you mean, André! We also know that you recently acquired an acoustic guitar. Could a harmonica rig be far behind?


June 10, 2004: Maninblack front man and curios devotee to the science of Synchronicity, André Schlesinger, was spotted recently after Maninblack's ridiculously extended recording sessions at NYC's famous Mee Noodle Shop, alone with several orders of Cold Sesame Noodles on his table, hastily unwrapping and cracking open the restaurant's complimentary fortune cookies and reading their enclosed messages. When asked why there were no less than 11 small orders of Cold Sesame Noodles lying untouched on his table he said "you see, you get only one of these fortune cookies with each order and I want to know what life has in store for me for the upcoming month." When it was suggested that he could easily buy a case of fortune cookies through a wholesale distributor in NYC's Chinatown, thus bypassing the need to place a separate order to receive one, he replied with a distinct look of patronizing contempt in his eyes "gggrrrowwwlll... [approximate] you need to acquire them separately with a meal for them to work, duh!" Maninblack manager, and fellow synchronisity fanatic, Baba Gal'Gonad was unavailable for comment but his wife, New County diva Leah McCaffrey, suggested in a South London Cockney drawl "Gal's probably doin' his monthly routine o'er at the Chinese restaurant Good Friends stockin' up on take away pints of Gang of Four Chicken.

And speaking of chicken, André recently ran into former Maninblack bassist Mr. Remover at André's regular night spot Vazac's Horseshoe Bar in NYC. According to André "I was standing there ordering my round when he walks in and stops short right in front of me as he sees me, as if he didn't expect to. I say hello and turned back to the bar to get a beer. When I turned back around 45 minutes later he was gone. How do you like that for loyalty?"


May 1, 2004: In honor of May Day and Leon Trotsky Comrade Schlesinger is sponsoring a contest hosted by our friends at Punk & Oi! in the UK. The contest prize is a copy of "A Flame That Can't Be Dimmed: A Redskins Tribute" which features, among others, a cover of The Redskins' "Bring It Down!" performed by Maninblack. For more information and contest rules go to the Punk & Oi! in the UK website's Redskins May Day competition page.

Speaking of Punk & Oi! in the UK, while you are there trying to win a copy of what is sure to be a collectors' item, exercise your right to vote by taking part in PUKE: the Punk and Oi UK E-Wards. Maninblack manager Baba Gal Gonad has insisted that a vote for him in any category is in fact a vote for Maninblack but to make sure and write him in under his secular name of "Garry Bushell" since, as he puts it, "they wouldn't recognize me with my magic rope trick." OK... and we won't touch that one with a ten foot, uh, rope.


April 28, 2004: Added a review of New York, New York, USA from Jeff Geggus (alias Stinky Turner) of the Cockney Rejects who were actually the musical inspiration for the song.

For those of you who are wondering, the studio version of New York, New York, USA has been available for about a year as a limited edition CD single but only as a review copy.

In the the ever expanding rumor department Maninblack manager and Gonads frontman Baba Gal'Gonad (aka Garry Bushell, seen here in his true form) and Maninblack frontman and lead vocalist/SynthGuitarist Rev. André Schlesinger are said to be working on a side project that has been described as "experimental" and "spacey" (whatever the Hell that's supposed to mean). The project it seems is so hush-hush that Rev. Schlesinger refuses to talk about it and his only comment upon being confronted with news of the rumor himself was "godammit Bushell!" We'll keep you posted.


April 10, 2004: Uploaded a new demo of "We Are The Gonads" to the .MP3 Download section. The song was actually recorded by Rev. Schlesinger as a test session during Safe House NYC's initial upgrade back in February and got lost in the shuffle until now. The Reverend comments that "'We Are The Gonads' was recorded as a theme song for a small project that Baba Gal and I are working on to promote The Gonads and, as our devotion to the science of Synchronicity would have it, Gonads bassist/guitarist/producer Clyde Ward came up with something uncannily similar, or that's what he's claiming. Just don't tell The Freds." Gonads vocalist and Maninblack manager/spiritual guru, and the Reverend's life insurance policy beneficiary, Baba'Gal Gonad, was reported as saying, after being shaken out of a deep state of medica.. er, meditation, "that's terrific!"


March 23, 2004: Rev. Schlesinger is reportedly bogged down in upgrades to Maninblack's Safe House NYC recording studio marking it as "the difference between a cassette recorder and, well, a multi track recording studio."

In other areas Maninblack members Cronin and Navarro have all but been officially dispatched being replaced by the Reverend's long time drinking mates Virgil Ruhmer on electronic percussion and illegal alien (?) Bertrand Simone De Hector on bass guitar. LittleVirgil is known about Ruhmer and De Hector but they are both said to be hard at work assisting the Reverend in his late night recording sessions and will appear on Maninblack's next release. Again, the former bass and drum team of Navarro and Cronin were unavailable for comment and, as Maninblack's flamboyant manager Baba Gal'Gonad has said, "let's keep it that way." The official band member change over will take place by the next major web site up grade which will coincide with Maninblack's next release.

Rumors persist about a reunion of the Reverend's former band The Press said to take place sometime in late October 2004 (see December 18, 2003 entry) which, depending on who you talk to, has now been expanded to at least two shows in the NYC area to a small scale tour to include dates on the West Coast. Although it's a well known fact that the Reverend has cut off all contact with most other former members of The Press he has recently insisted that he is not shopping for an acoustic guitar and harmonica rig. More news on this as it get's slipped under our door.

February 17, 2003: A concerned fan recently reported to us that Maninblack's demo recording of "Straight Out Of Babylon" is being distributed on several of the popular file sharing servers. Concerning the unauthorized distribution of his work, Rev. Schlesinger is said to be less than amused and has issued an all points bulletin to find the original file sharing perpetrator and either report him to the proper authorities or offer to send him an "autographed copy." For those in "the know" an "autographed copy" is a Maninblack code word and was the cause of one member of Rev. Schlesinger's former band, The Press, to leave the band, in pursuit, and to pursue a safer career in liquid diet supplement sampling.


December 27, 2003: A rather generous review of "A Flame That Can't Be Dimmed: A Redskins Tribute" has been posted on the City Of The Dead website (formerly known as SkinheadRock). Both Italian and English versions of the review can be seen here. A review of the same by the print magazine Scootering was released in their latest 1/04 issue. Excerpts addressing Maninblack from both are posted to our Reviews section.


December 18, 2003: We have received word of rumors about a reunion of Rev. Schlesinger's former band The Press, who called it quits back in 1994, to take place some time in 2004 and involving select shows in the NYC area. The Reverend, who is currently immersed in recording at Maninblack's Safe House NYC studio for some upcoming releases, was unavailable for comment but Maninblack's flamboyant manager, Baba Gal'Gonad, was recently reported saying "A reunion by The Press? That's a right brilliant idea! And that's another paycheck for me now, isn't it?" Also figuring somewhere in this dark equation is a coincidental (as if!) reunion said to be taking place among The Press' old comrades, those devil worshiping dread beats, the Mephiskapheles. The buzz on the street is that former Maninblack manager and The Press associate Derek "TC" Jones, who produced the Oi!/Skampilation Vol.#1 CD, has more than a little to do with this venture. We will be sure to post updates on this highly questionable situation as it develops.

Other "rumors," far less questionable, include the impending dispatch of Maninblack bassist Raúl Navarro and drummer Eamon Cronin who have both been curiously absent from the Safe House NYC recording sessions currently in progress and who have apparently been replaced by at least two unidentified shadowy figures who have recently been spotted entering and leaving Safe House NYC at odd hours of the night carrying take out cold sesame noodles and lamb vindaloo. Neither Cronin or Navarro were available for comment although both are said to be entirely oblivious to the matter yet increasingly disturbed by Rev. Schlesinger's recent "cat from Japan" haircut.

On a different front Rev. Schlesinger's acclaimed public access television show Satanic Mass has been moved to a new time slot and channel allowing Manhattan resident cable subscribers to view the show every late night Friday at 1:30 AM (technically Saturday 1:30 AM) on the Manhattan Neighborhood Network channel 56 beginning Friday night 12/26/03. For those of you who don't know, Satanic Mass is a Satanic interest variety show featuring Rev. Schlesinger's Maninblack Grotto of the Church Of Satan along with regular segments, special guests, and plenty of melodramatic Satanic ritual footage. Satanic Mass, which is produced and directed by Rev. Schlesinger, first premiered back in 1998 and has aired continuously each week as reruns ever since.


November 7, 2003: Added a review of New York, New York, USA from Tom McCourt of The 4-Skins. That in itself is enough for a news announcement!


October 31, 2003: Maninblack has forsaken the over priced services of for a more reasonable web host.

Rev. Schlesinger and Garry Bushell are interviewed in issue #3 of Rule Satannia: The Voice Of Satanism In The UK.

Updates were made to the merchandise section of the site with the addition of information on acquiring the above mentioned magazine and CDs from Rev. Schlesinger's old band The Press. Is a The Press fan tribute site in the works?

Updates were also made to the musicians wanted page on the site because, as Rev. Schlesinger puts it: "I am fuck'n tired of hearing from 16 year old Emo kids, neo Nazi boneheads, hygienically challenged Crustys, Black/Death/Doom Metal assholes, and ditzy girls who think that The Go-Go's and B-52's were Punk.

Last but not least is now top in Google's search engine results for the keyword "maninblack" beating out the late Johnny Cash's and the insignificant Rev. Schlesinger, the current members of Maninblack and manager Baba Gal'Gonad would like to thank Maninback's fans, supporters and even their enemies and the idly curious for making #1.


October 13, 2003: Several updates were made to the site including the addition of suspiciously minimal information on Maninblack's new line up. What happened to the previous Maninblack line up? Rev. Schlesinger's only answer to this question was "They were sacked, they were sacked like a New York Jets quarterback at a Sunday afternoon homecoming game." This rather harsh and abrupt firing has also included long time friend and manager Derek "TC" Jones who has been, also suspiciously, replaced by the malevolently influential Baba Gal'Gonad (pictured here at a Vegas spiritual retreat with two "devotees"). Current Maninblack members, Cronin and Navarro, were unavailable for comment as rumors of yet another devastating shake-up persist... Can you say "Ziggy Stardust?"

After months of waiting "A Flame That Can't Be Dimmed: A Redskins Tribute" has been released which features, along with four other bands, Maninblack's cover of The Redskins (the Socialist Skinhead band, not the football team!) song Bring It Down! Check out the Redskins tribute site for more information and a generous write up by Rev. Schlesinger's spirit-ual guru and de-mentor Baba Gal'Gonad (known to men, and especially women, in this world as Garry Bushell).


August 21, 2003: Rev. Schlesinger's demo recording of "This Is Oi! (Oi, That's Not Oi!)" is now available on this site's .MP3 Download section. As well as being part of Maninblack's set the song is slated to be performed and released on The Gonads' upcoming album "Old Boots, No Panties" where the finished song's writing credits will be shared by Rev. Schlesinger and Gonads front man Garry Bushell.


August 5, 2003: Rev. Schlesinger is recruited by one of England's oldest and longest running Punk/Oi bands, The Gonads, to collaborate and perform on their next album and perform with the band on up coming tours. When asked how this advancement in his music career might effect Maninblack Rev. Schlesinger answered "if I would put Maninblack to sleep it would be a lot easier than having to constantly sack and replace individual members of the band but the fact that I've joined Gal and the boys [The Gonads] should say that I'm not one for necessarily doing things the easy way. Expect more from Maninblack." See The Gonad's News section for more details.


July 29, 2003: Rev. Schlesinger is interviewed for Rocket 77.


April 7, 2003: Added Rev. Schlesinger's demo recording of the Redskins song "Bring It Down!" to the .MP3 Download section which is slated to be recorded soon by Maninblack and appear on the upcoming Redskins tribute EP "A Flame That Can't Be Dimmed" For more information go to the Redskins tribute web site!


February 18, 2003: Oi! We won an award! Maninblack would like to thank for their appreciation.


January 30, 2003: Updated our reviews section with George Tabb's critical acclaim for "New York, New York, USA" which appeared in the NYPress (Volume 15, Issue 51).

Converted all demo files in our MP3 downloads section to, uh, MP3s for easier downloads and streaming audio.


January 6, 2003: Rev. Schlesinger's demo recording of "I don't Believe In Jah" is available for d/l in the .MP3 Download section.


October 9, 2002: It looks like Maninblack will continue to have their site hosted by for at least the next year.

Rev. Schlesinger's demo recording "Straight Out Of Babylon" is now available for d/l in the .MP3 Download section of the site.


July 22, 2002: Maninblack have acquired their own domain name! Now prospective, punters, and hacks alike can point their browsers to


July 10, 2002: Maninblack: The Official Online Press Kit! is released onto the world wide web!






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