Item: Bad Guy Badges

Maninblack's trademark hypnodisk logo. Click on the actual size image below to order them direct from the manufacturer.


Item: Reds Strike The Blues: A Tribute To The Redskins

The full length CD follow up to A Flame That Can't Be Dimmed, this tribute to the 1980's Socialist Skinhead band The Redskins features 16 bands along with two tracks performed by Maninblack as well as one track performed by André Schlesinger with the UK Electro Punk project RedSquare. Order from direct from Redstar Recording or CD Baby

Item: Warnography: Love and Rage Vol. 2

Australian Anarchist compilation featuring 20 tracks by 20 bands including Maninblack (André Schlesinger, solo) performing the song "Midlife Crisis." Produced by Love And Rage Records. Click on the cover image below for ordering information.

Item: The Good, The Bad, The 4 Skins Tribute

A CD tribute to the legendary UK Oi band The 4 Skins featuring 13 tracks by 13 bands, including Maninblack performing the song "1984/5 More Years," with liner notes by Hoxton Tom McCourt and a word from Garry Bushell. Produced by Workers United Records. Click on the cover image below to order from

Item: A Flame That Can't Be Dimmed

A Flame That Can't Be Dimmed: A Redskins Tribute. A limited edition 10" red vinyl EP tribute to The Redskins featuring music performed by The Yell Leaders Meet The Grooveblasters, The InCiters, The Che Men, Eric Blowtorch & The Forces Of Victory, and Maninblack. Click on the cover image below for order information.

Item: Rule Satannia #3

Rule Satannia: The Voice Of Satanism In The UK, issue #3 featuring interviews with Andre Schlesinger and Maninblack's manager Garry Bushell. Among other things Andre and Gal talk about their bands Maninblack and The Gonads and some of their other media projects. Click on image below for ordering information.

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Over the past year we have had a flood of requests for items from Andre Schlesinger's old band The Press, everything from the rumored video tape of Rev. Schlesinger punching out The Press' lead guitarist (with repeated slow motion replay and comments from the other band members) to hard to find official releases and live recordings. Below you will find a list of such items for sale as we come across them.

Item: The Complete Press ~ 1984-1994

The Complete Press ~ 1984-1994 on Insurgence Records, CD featuring all studio recorded songs from The Press including some unreleased tracks and a rather flattering write up by Garry Bushell. Click on the cover image below to order.

Item: Skins 'N' Punks Vol 5

Skins 'N' Punks Volume 5: The US Connection, CD featuring 8 songs by Rev. Schlesinger and The Press along with another band on the B side. Originally released on Roddy Moreno's Oi! Records label back in 1987 this is a piece of Punk Rock history and an Oi collectable if there ever was one. Click on the image below to order.

Item: New York Beat: Hit And Run

Originally released in 1986, The Toasters/Rob Hingley's Moon Records sampler compilation that started the whole New York "Ska kiddies" craze although featuring several non Ska tracks including The Press' first song release "Just Another Warning." Released in Europe as "Skaville USA." Click on the cover image below to order it from

Item: Oi!/Skampilation Vol.#1

The Oi!/Skampilation Vol. #1, CD featuring 17 bands along with the last official studio release (although not the only recording...) from The Press, "Friday 5 PM." Produced by long time The Press booking agent and Maninblack associate Derek "TC" Jones, Oi!/Skampilation is a the sampler that helped launch Radical Records. Click the image below for order information and "get it while you can!"




Item: The Best of Oi! Records

The Best of Oi! Records, CD features 18 tracks compiled from the 17 albums released by Roddy Moreno's legendary Oi! Records label including "It's Not What I Want" by The Press. Click on the cover image below to order it from

Item: The Press pin

The Press' trademark laurel and hammers logo. Click on the actual size image below to order them direct from the manufacturer.

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